Beyond the Dollar Line

מאת: Chana Sharfstein

קטגוריה: קהילות יהודיות, חב"ד, אוטוביוגרפיה

מועד פירסום: מרץ 2012

מילות מפתח: Women , Community , Life in Scandanavia , Chasidim , Chabad , Rebbe

ISBN: 978-0-82660-835-2

שפה: אנגלית

גודל: 14685.07 KB

עמודים: 251

Beyond the Dollar Line is a collection of stories from life in Sweden to the Chabad Chassidic community of Crown Heights Brooklyn. This personal account depicts life during a fifty year period, 1954-2004, providing the reader with insight and inspiration into this vibrant community. From childhood years in Sweden, teenage years in Boston and married life in the Chabad community of Crown Heights, Chana Sharfstein's life has been and continues to be an incredible journey filled with varied experiences of unique inspiration and challenge.

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